Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everything Good in the Blender

Poolside Sweetness: There comes a time in a ladies life when she needs a strong drink that tastes like a candy rainbow. Don't be fooled by the post's title, you don't actually need a blender thankfully, God knows that I should never be operating one. The title just tells you where it got its start. On my 21st birthday I was determined to make the best drink possible with zero knowledge and I figured that as long as everything I put in the blender was good, the result would be good as well. It served it's purpose, but through some recent experiences I have realized that if you can avoid technology while you are preparing/enjoying a beverage, that would be best. As you can tell, I couldn't quite put my concoction down long enough to even take a picture of it, but these little gems really do paint the picture of what the Rum Delight is like when it hits your lips.


Raspberry Orange Sherbet

Pineapple Orange Juice

Light Rum

Peach Tonic Water

Fill your cup with scoops of Sherbet Pour in Rum (don't even pretend like you were going to measure it, just pour until it feels like you should maybe stop...and then just a little more to make it special)
Add Orange Pineapple juice and top off with just a splash of the Peach Tonic Water
Stir and ENJOY!

Trust me, you will be so glad you tried it and when you need to make a second one you will be glad that it doesn't require any electrical devices.


  1. haha! i love it hill!

    love michelle

  2. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite post of yours!! I think it might be because I was there to witness the "Everything good in the blender" quote's inception... and remember that night so fondly. :)
    You can make me a Rum Delight anytime! I'll definitely break out my pimp cup for it! ;-)