Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Champagne Dreams

So, just in case you dont know me, I make sure that my birthday celebration lasts for at least the full month of March! I am lucky enough to have a dear friend who is also a Pisces! What better to do then celebrate in San Diego, ocean in view, with something just as delightfully sweet/bubbly/delicious as we are!

The best thing about this recipe is that you will have an excuse to buy champagne and have about a half bottle left even after you have made the yummy frosting and cake!!! It is also super easy to make, perfect for a birthday girl who is already a bit tired from the previous celebration(s)!


The Fizzy Goodness…I think I need to invent a champagne cake batter cocktail!

Completed Pink Champagne cake batter ready for baking..

Baked and with the yummy frosting ...

I had some fondant leftover from Alyssa's roses and decided to make some funkier buds for this cake:

More leaves…

Lot’s of fun roses & buds…

Mixing up the pretty paint cocktails...and maybe just one for me on the side!

The Final Tipsy Treat, so yummy!!

This cake is extra special!! Best enjoyed with friends and more champagne of course!
Happy birthdays!!
Tipsy b-day girl


  1. This cake was SO awesome! You're amazing!

  2. My three favorite things: champagne, cake and the girls. Can't get any better than that.

  3. i would have to agree with donne, it is the trifecta... i loved the cake!! :)