Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love & Colors

For Valentine's Day I just had to pull out the old DeYoung cook book for some sweet sugar cookie love!

It is a family recipe...shhhh! So, I thought I would just share the colorful frosting that I mixed up with my dear friend Michelle instead of all the Dutch details!!
Rolling out and cookie cutting the dough...

Crispy baked cookies and all the colorful frosting!

I asked the Hubs to make one for me and look what he came up with! I LOVED IT! :)

My cookies for my Valentine! So cheesy, but I love it! If you can't be cheesy on Valentine's Day after a few mimosas, when can you be?

AND!!!!!! My new official Tipsy Baking mascot! We adopted her Valentine's weekend and she loved watching me make cookies/eating up any little crumb that I dropped-my little girl, Tipsy! She has three legs, so she doesn't really need a drink for an excuse to be tipsy...literally, she tips over! LOL! I just love her and have to share a cute pic of her!

Cheers to the hubs being creative, adopting a new little love and celebrating love with some fun colors and sweet treats!