Sunday, June 28, 2009

Abigail is here!

My sweet cousin, Theresa, just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Abigail! So sweet!

I know this post is a long time comin', but I have just completed a four week cake decorating course, just in time for the shower. I seriously have been workin' on the flowers for three weeks and put it all together the week of the shower! I need a martini already! :)

I also tried out a lil' Paula Deen Butter Meltaways recipe for the tea yummy! I hope I am as JOLLY and butter-licious as you one day, Paula Deen! :)

CONGRATS TEA & KEVIN! Abigail is beautiful!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something Summereee and Fun

When my sweet friends only request it to make something sweet and summereeee for our weekend in SD, the first thing that comes to my mind is COCONUT!!

I didn't have as much time as I wish I did, so I did a funfetti mix (c'mon, you know it reminds you of carefree childhood), added some extra vanilla and made my own butter cream frosting.

I was so glad to take it to my cake decorating class where we made roses, which I love! These are made with Buttercream, not fondant-much more delicious!

I added LOTS of toasted coconut between the layers:

The crumb coat, then into the fridge:

Something about lime green is so refreshing and reminiscent of summer:

Making it smooth:

Adding the details of red roses, blue leaves and yellow accents! I love mixing up the colors!!!

Had to have a piece for the hubs before I left with the girrrrrls:

Cheers to coconut and a weekend with the ladies!



Friki Tiki

After a seven day work week, Tipsy is ready to relax in all the right ways!

My dear co-worker, on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, saw all the boats in a row on her way to work. They were, of course, ready for the river and full of laughter. The most memorable boat, just had to be, "The Friki Tiki" and though she had to curse as she passed them because, like me, she was on her way to work while everyone else on the 10 freeway was on the way to the river, I just had to invent a drink to erase my memory of work on Monday, my long awaited day off work!!!

Here is that gem, and boy did it work!

Muddling some raspberries, then I ran them through a strainer to get those seeds out of the equation!

I started with Ice, Vodka ( I know, I love vodka-honestly,to anyone else White Rum would taste better, so feel free to substitute) and then added GUAVA PINEAPPLE new obsession!

Then I added the fresh raspberry juice that I made, stirred and topped with whipped cream and some coconut that I toasted in the oven. It tastes like Hawaii; just what I needed to forget about a long work week and put the friki in the tiki!

So delish!!

A hibiscus from my front yard completed the look! Thanks to the hubs with the green thumb!

Ahhhh! So refreshing! Ready for some pool action!

Cheers to a happy Memorial Day! Hope you all had a great one!

xoxo, Tipsy