Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing With Color

I am always looking to try new things and have been looking for some cake decorating tips. I gave in and signed up for my local Michael's Cake Decorating class with a bunch of kids and house wives. It has been fun, but I like to put my own spin on things and the class is pretty focused on making things look just like the book. PLEASE! We were supposed to bring in a frosted surprise to me that I was the only one who brought in a neon orange cake!

The crumb coat...the refrigerated before adding the colored layer.


Smoothing out the frosting. Too bad the cake looks like a block of cheddar cheese!


Mixing up some colors for the piping bags...


Playing withe the different textures...

So, here is the finished cake with after my class. I used flower shaped fondant cutters to layout the flowers and then filled them in with the frosting.

Cheers to new experiences and making things your own!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Red Velvet Gone Bonkers!

For my dear friend's birthday I decided to make some red velvet petit fours! Even though he asked for the same cake as last year I thought I could give it a little re-mix. I just can't make the same thing the same way twice, I love trying new things!

I started with the red velvet cake recipe (just like I made for Alyssa- same frosting and all from

Once the cake was baked I popped it out of the pan and chilled it in the fridge.

P.S. You will have to drink all the White Wine in your fridge to make room for all this madness!

I cut the cake in half and filled with a generous layer of the white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

I could eat it just like this... but there are many steps ahead to make it look even better.

It went back into the fridge with a crumb coat to keep it together and for extra flavor!

In the mean time, what to do with this mess that didn't come out of the pan so nicely!

I crumb it up and mix in some frosting so that I can roll it into balls for some cake truffles.

Once they are chilled I dip them in some white chocolate (8 oz.) and (2 tbsp.) shortening to make it easier for dipping.

Then back into the fridge with them~

I cut the cold cake into small petit four size/shape mini cakes and then, you guessed, back into the fridge.

I mix up some easy glaze to seal in all the yummyness!

Then I started pouring the glaze over each one. The rack is over a pan so that I can use the glaze that runs off each one to glaze the next.

Back into the fridge of course.

Then I melt some chocolate to fancify the petit fours. They need a little something and the cake truffles came out so funky they needed a cover up!



The Final Petit Fours-so yummy I can't resist.

Finally, everything comes together for the birthday boy!

I don't know when I will ever try this again! But, it was fun and ended deliciously. I just have to say that you need almost a whole day to make these petit fours happen. Let me know what you think!
Tipsy...and Bonkers

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