Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Playing With Color

I am always looking to try new things and have been looking for some cake decorating tips. I gave in and signed up for my local Michael's Cake Decorating class with a bunch of kids and house wives. It has been fun, but I like to put my own spin on things and the class is pretty focused on making things look just like the book. PLEASE! We were supposed to bring in a frosted surprise to me that I was the only one who brought in a neon orange cake!

The crumb coat...the refrigerated before adding the colored layer.


Smoothing out the frosting. Too bad the cake looks like a block of cheddar cheese!


Mixing up some colors for the piping bags...


Playing withe the different textures...

So, here is the finished cake with after my class. I used flower shaped fondant cutters to layout the flowers and then filled them in with the frosting.

Cheers to new experiences and making things your own!



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  1. Dude, the third picture looks like a ginormous cheez-it! =D COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!