Monday, March 9, 2009

Pre-Meditated Beverage

If any of you enjoyed the Rum Delights, you will want to try this sly little beverage asap! What I liked most about it is that you have to plan ahead and wait 24 hours before indulging in this Sweet Peach Iced tea that is plenty special on it's own.

Start with 5 juicy peaches or nectarines (I did about 50/50 to get a mix of the peach flavor and the texture of the crunchy nectarines)

Slice them up nice and thin and soak in the fridge in 3 cups of vodka.

Try to sleep while this sweet little number is sitting in the fridge all night getting delicious!

In the morning mix 4 cups of peach iced tea (instant or Snapple will do the trick)

Add 2 cups of pineapple orange peach mango juice (or just orange juice if that is what you have)

Add 3/4 cups peach schnapps

Toss in some fresh berries of your choice (I did blueberries, but next time raspberries)

Serve on ice at the pool and make sure that if you need to be somewhere you have a designated driver.



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