Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cake Research

When I asked the Hubs what baked good he would like for his b-day or whatever the occasion (in this case Valentine's Day), what does he want? A choosy, Chocolate Cake, with Melty Chocolate Chips with Chocolate Frosting. This is my fault because, what does he get? A Chocolate Cake with Melty Chocolate Chips with Chocolate Frosting-just what he asked for. And of course, for Valentine's Day in the shape of an innocent heart, (awww) which he magically eats in a pattern that turns the cake into Scarlett Johansen's boobs. If you have seen her for .00000000001 seconds or more you know what I am talking about.

Now, if only I could figure out how to eat a cake into the pattern of Ryan Reynold's abs.


I am a jealous Biotch:

My favorite part of this story, of course, is that the hubs walks in on me sipping my Chardonnay and googling SJ's boobs. "I am doing research for my blog."

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