Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet LA Sunset

My dear friend Heather made the move to LA and we had to warm her new place up this weekend with a little get together. She is an amazingly creative and talented photographer and you can check out her photography here .

I wanted to make her a special cake as she shoots weddings and special events with beautiful custom cakes all the time! It was her turn for a special treat made just for her!

I loved the chocolate cake from the
Paula Dean PB & Chocolate cupcakes soo much that I reused that recipe for the cake.

I just have to give a shout out for all the butter that was in this cake. 1.5 lbs. makes this cake so delicious!

Because the cake is so rich, I went with a thick layer of chocolate and vanilla pastry cream to lighten up the intense chocolate flavor of the cake.

Here is the start of the sunset I created on the side of the cake. I used thick and messy layers of each color so that I could blend the frosting out with the swoop of my knife afterwards.

I had so much fun mixing up all the forsting colors for this cake! Who doesn't love a colorful beautiful California sunset??

I added dark and light blue frosting on the top and then blended the blue into the pink.

Rolling out two shades of grey fondant and then cutting out the buildings for my skyline... I made just enough for a few gatherings of buildings around the cake. I didn't want to cover up all those colors of my sunset!!

Starting to place the buildings.

I finished the night sky with some bright yellow stars.

Congrats Heather! I wish you all the best in your new place!

Cheers to colorful Los Angeles sunsets and sweet LA sunset cake!!!



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  1. Sorry to miss out on this sweet treat! Miss you! This looks delightful!