Monday, July 13, 2009

1979 Wedding Cake Re-Mix

For my parent's 30th wedding anniversary I decided to attempt a mini recreation of their 1979 wedding cake. I loved going through the old picture and seeing everyone looking so young and gorgeous.....and super 70's!

True to the 70's, they had peach and baby yellow wedding colors and I loved it!

This is my very first wedding cake creation! WOW! So much work....and even more anxiety. I was so nervous and finally so relieved when I pulled it off better than I thought I could!

I made a 6 inch top layer and a 10 inch lower layer using the Classic White Cake Recipe from The America's Test Kitchen Cook Book. You cannot go wrong with the recipes from this book. Everything from the chicken to the cookies and cakes are so delicious....not to mention the drink recipes, of course! ;)

The cakes were golden brown out of the oven...a very good sign!

What my kitchen looked like mid-process. Many dishes mean many glasses of Pinot Grigio to keep this Tipsy Baker afloat!

Trimming the layers for an even cakes have to look perfect or it just won't be a wedding cake!

I cheated on the filling by whipping up some Pastry Pride. It is super yummy and so easy to make. I was looking for a quick and yummy filling fix to simplify the process and this did the trick!

Adding a ring of Butter cream to keep the filling inside the cake-SO KEY!


Getting the crumb coat on and then back into the fridge before the smooth layer of frosting is added...

Adding the smooth top layer of frosting..

I made about two dozen roses planning to use only the best ones...I like making funkier roses and these needed to be traditional, so it took me some extra tries! I froze them so that I could easily add them to the cake without damaging the delicate petals.

So, here is the photo of my parents and their cake that I had to work with. I just love that my mom is wearing a bonnet! Oh, the 70's!

I decorated the top layer first....

Next, the bottom layer with the roses and then leaves wherever they would fit in the bunch.

I assembled the cake at my parents house where my mom had saved her original cake topper. So cute! She even added new flowers to freshen it up.

A close up of the two tier cake, fully assembled. Whew! What a relief.

Congratulations Mom & Dad!

Cheers to crazy anniversary celebrations!

Tipsy...and tired!

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  1. I CANNOT believe how awesome this turned out! You're amazing Hill! What a great gift idea!!!

    PS - you should see my parents wedding pics.. my mom was a "snow princess" with a maribou (sp?) cape and my dad wore baby blue with ruffles on his shirt!***Brooke