Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tortilla Trade Off

In turn for the Family Apple Pie Recipe my sweet friend Luna promised me her family tortilla technique! I have to warn you that they has even less of a recipe then my Granny's "globs of lard" and splashes of this and that. So, if you want to learn you will probably have to ask Luna! I don't think I have quite the credentials after just one go at it!

Luna instructed me to fill a deep bowl with Tortilla Flour-La Pina to be the best.

Next, add some water and some lard. Like I said, I really have no idea on the quantity. I guess the value of this post is the story, not the recipe.

Knead it up until all the moisture is absorbed... can see the Mr. getting the shrimp cleaned in the back... Go hubs!

The dough should be slightly sticky, but you should be able to roll it into about 1.5 inch balls.

Let the dough sit for awhile. We started up the shrimp and the margaritas while it sat for about 15 minutes.

We sliced up some colorful peppers and simmered them down with tomatoes, garlic and some chicken bouillon for extra flavor.

SO DELICIOUS and colorful!

Next, we started slapping out the tortillas. This technique took me a few tries before I got the rhythm down. I definitely couldn't get the tortillas as thin as Luna could, but I will have to get more practice!

Then we tossed them onto a super hot pan and pushed down any air pockets with a paper towel. Once there are little brown bubbles on one side -flip it!

The gorgeous delicious meal with some refried beans and queso fresco.
Thanks Luna! I had so much fun and I can't wait for our Peach Cobbler/Tamale trade off!

Cheers to sharing delicious family traditions and learning something new.



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