Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sassy Spicy Cider

After braving the malls and party after party, the hubs and I are always ready for a little at home relaxation!

Our good friend Jeremy taught us this little delight and I added my lazy mans touch to it!

You can buy mulling spices at the store, heat the cider up with the spices and then strain them out. I went for the Starbucks Chai Tea Bag (lazy) approach. Once the cider is spicy enough, just remove them.

Once the cider is hot and spicy, pour it into your mug of choice and then add the sassy part. I went with DeWar's, but Crown Royal is delightful as well.

To measure the sassy addition, or not to measure? That is the question. Tipsy says-add to taste, but feel free to measure if you would like to know just what you are getting yourself into!

This little Holiday bevee is sure to make you warm...and toasty!
Enjoy with your favorite Holiday cheeses and treats.
Cheers to the Holidays! Merry Merry Christmas and much love to everyone!

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